IMG_2670[1]I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in June of 2014.  I knew this tick bite was different than any other tick bite I had ever had.

Within a week I was experiencing symptoms.  I did 13 months of a pulsed oral antibiotic therapy.  Ultimately, I was referred to a specialist in D.C.  From there I had a series of tests and scans done.  Lesions were found on my frontal lobe due to this horrific disease.  I underwent 7 months of IV medications through my fancy new subclavian line I had to get placed in my chest.  It was tough to say the least.  I went to sleep many nights not knowing if I was going to wake up again because I was so sick.

I am now 3 months off of IV and happy to report that I am doing great!  My hopes for this blog is to share my story to help others that are dealing with this horrific disease. I want to share the tips and tricks that have helped me a long the way.  Everything from detox methods and diet to navigating through this disease mentally.  I am positive.  I can find humor in anything.  I am on my road back to health. I am happy.

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